3 Ways To Fix Your Freezer If It Won’t Freeze

If your freezer compartment won't freeze your food, you won't only have to deal with repairs alone. Your groceries and other foods could go bad. For this reason, troubleshooting the problem will help you find the required repairs. Therefore, here are few things you can do to solve your freezer problem.

Check Your Start Relay

The start relay is a component on the freezer that supplies power to your compressor. If your start relay is faulty, your compressor won't function as it should and this simply means your freezer won't cool. To test for defectiveness of your start relay, you need to remove it from your compressor. Make sure your freezer is unplugged before removing the relay. Check for any signs of burns and be aware of any burnt smells. Replacing the start relay should fix the problem.

Check For Frost Build-up On Your Evaporator Coils

Heavy build-up of frost on the evaporator coils of your refrigerator can also be the reason of your freezer's poor cooling. This is because frosted coils will restrict the flow of air that often makes your freezer cold. Usually, it will be hard to see the coils unless you remove your freezer's inside panel. This is simply something you should leave to the professionals.

Fortunately, you can easily see frost build-up on the ceiling, floor or walls of your freezer compartment. Frost build-up is usually a result of a failure of part of your refrigerator's self-defrosting system. To test for a faulty self-defrosting system, defrost manually. Start by removing food from your refrigerator and turning off your thermostat. Open the doors and let them stay open until all the frost is melted down to your drip pan. If doing this solves your freezing problem, then the self-defrosting system is the culprit. Defrost issues can originate from the defrost heater assembly, the defrost control board, or the defrost timer so it's best to call in a professional to determine the exact issue.

Clean The Condenser Coils

Your refrigerator, especially if it's a self-defrosting model, has a cooling fan and a set of coils that you can find underneath the refrigerator. For your freezer to freeze your food properly, these coils have to be free of any blockages including dirt, dust, and other debris. Therefore, inspect the coils for accumulations of debris. If they are any, use your vacuum and condenser cleaning brushes to clean the coils. You may have to unplug your refrigerator from the outlet and move it away from the walls to give you better access to the coils.

Talk with an appliance service contractor who does freezer repair if you're concerned about your freezer.