Appliance Repairs – Troubleshooting Common Washing Machine Problems

There is no ideal time for your washing machine to start acting up, especially if you have a large household. From refusing to turn on to unexplainable leaks, issues with your washing machine can severely impede on the running of your household. While a malfunctioning washing machine may usually require professional appliance repairs, there are several things that you can do to try to determine what is impeding its performance. This article explains some of the ways that you can troubleshoot washing machines. Read More 

Simple Troubleshooting Tips for Your Sewing Machine

A high-quality sewing machine should last for many years before it needs repairs of any sort, but even the best machine can fail to work properly on occasion. Very often it's user error that causes such problems, and a few quick fixes on your part can get the machine working again. Note a few troubleshooting tips you'll want to consider for your sewing machine when it starts giving you issues so you can get sewing again in no time. Read More 

5 Reasons Your Espresso Machine Might Run Slowly

A slow-running espresso machine is kind of a contradiction in terms. Whether you need your morning hit of concentrated joe before heading out the door or have to serve the needs of customers in a café, having an espresso machines that drips out its precious coffee slowly just isn't a good situation. Here are five reasons it might be happening. 1. Your Coffee Is Too Finely Ground One of the most common reasons why an espresso machine works slowly is actually nothing to do with the machine itself, which is great since this is such an easy fix. Read More 

What to Do When Your Air Conditioner Isn’t Performing

Home air conditioning is a lifesaver in the heat of summer. Without it, there would be days where you wouldn't be able to do much more than languishing in bed, cooling yourself with a damp towel and longing for cooler times. Thank goodness for air conditioners. Unfortunately, however, sometimes your air conditioner might not be performing quite as well as you'd like. You can tell it's on and working – it's cooling the air a bit – but there's still too much hot stickiness, and you don't feel entirely comfortable. Read More 

3 Ways To Fix Your Freezer If It Won’t Freeze

If your freezer compartment won't freeze your food, you won't only have to deal with repairs alone. Your groceries and other foods could go bad. For this reason, troubleshooting the problem will help you find the required repairs. Therefore, here are few things you can do to solve your freezer problem. Check Your Start Relay The start relay is a component on the freezer that supplies power to your compressor. If your start relay is faulty, your compressor won't function as it should and this simply means your freezer won't cool. Read More